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Legal Representation In Fairfield Connecticut

Attorney serving Fairfield County & Surrounding Areas
Specializing Personal Injury and Real Estate Closings

Professional Legal Representation In Fairfield Connecticut

Attorney serving Fairfield County & Sorrounding Areas

Private Law Practice

Responsible for all aspects of running a sole practitioner firm. Handling cases of various complexity including Real Estate Transactions, Condominium Declaration, General Litigation, Personal Injury, Landlord/Tenant matters, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Zoning, Business Acquisitions.


Did you get into a serious car accident or acquire an injury due to the negligence of another? Find out how to make a complaint and claim for compensation to cover the losses you have suffered. Get assistance from Mark T. Stern to learn about the legal actions can take to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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Practice Areas

My Practice focuses on Real Estate, Personal Injury, and DWI

Real EState

I represent Buyers, Sellers and Lenders throughout Connecticut in all Real Estate Transactions.

Personal Injury

As a former claims adjuster and litigation specialist for several regional insurers I have been trained and educated by Insurance Companies in how to evaluate injury claims.


A DWI charge does not mean you will automatically lose your driver’s license. You have the right to a hearing to determine if your license should be suspended.


What our clients are saying

Mark is always available to answer any questions. He has helped me and my customers and I will continue to recommend and use him in the future.


Sep 17 2019

Wonderful experience, that every time I called or text I got an answer pronto. Mr Stern worked so hard for me and his assistant is fantastic as well. I work use him again and rekomend him to friends and family.


Dec 19 2018

I was completely oblivious to the fact that I had scheduled a refinance closing with Mark on a Jewish holiday and Mark still took the time to personally come into his office to oversee to my file being properly closed out. Mark is a dependable, seasoned attorney who I would gladly recommend.


Sep 11 2018

I have known Mark for a number of years as we are local on the Chamber. He is responsible, timely and thorough. I could not have closed on my home without his guidance and support.


Aug 28 2018

Mark is a very strong and patient attorney that will hang in there with you through the whole legal process. I’m glad that I found Mark yo handle my personal injury case!


Aug 20 2018

I have referred business to attorney Mark Stern and appreciate how quickly he responds and the ongoing communication he provides to my referrals. It gives me comfort to know they are taken care of.


Feb 05 2018


What our clients are asking

Q What is an HOA?


An HOA, which is short for Home Owners Association, is a private association initially formed by a real estate developer and used to market, manage, and sell homes in a subdivision. In most cases, the developer eventually transfers control of the association to the homeowners once a certain number of lots are sold. If you want to live in the subdivision, you must become a member and abide by the tenants which can limit your choices regarding your home.

Q How are Property Taxes Calculated?


You can calculate property tax by taking the mill levy and multiplying it by the assessed value of your property. The assessed value is an estimate of the reasonable market value of your home. Property taxes are levied by the government in which the property is located, which can include the federal government, the state, a county, or the geographical region or a municipality. Multiple jurisdictions can tax the same property.

Q What damages can I seek in my personal injury lawsuit?


Typically the damages you are entitled to as a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In some cases, plaintiffs are paid additional money that is applied as a punishment for the defendant. Settlements in personal injury cases vary a great deal based on several factors, but the average award ranges between $3000 and $75,000.

Q What should I avoid doing after an accident?


There are several things you should avoid doing after you have been involved in an accident. First and foremost, remain at the scene and contact emergency services, including police. Never refuse medical attention even if you believe your injuries to be non-existent or minor. Do not admit fault or speak about your role in the accident and do not speak to the insurance company without first speaking to an attorney. Finally, do not accept an offer for a settlement from the insurance company without first speaking to an attorney.

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